Liberal Media Bias - a Definition

Liberal Media Bias - a Definition

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A Gallup poll found that just 40% of Americans trust the media to fairly and accurately report the news. Much of this has to do with the liberal tilt of news coverage and stories.

In politics, conservatives often deal with an overwhelming liberal bias within the mainstream media, which includes the news divisions of major broadcast networks and major newspapers. This is typically just referred to as media bias. Media bias does not refer to the political punditry class as political affiliations are usually known and the commentary is intended as opinion-oriented. Media bias does not refer to media figures such as Rachel Maddow, Bill O'Reilly, and Al Sharpton who are expected to give political viewpoints.

What Is Media Bias?

Media bias refers to the allegedly objective journalists in print and media who intentionally - and sometimes unintentionally - report or cover stories in a way favorable to Democrats and liberals and unfavorable to Republicans and conservatives. Journalists such as Dan Rather, Bob Schieffer, and Wolf Blitzer who portray themselves as pure newsmen could have their biases exposed by delivering one-sided news stories. Dan Rather's attempted takedown of George W. Bush comes to mind.

Examples of Media Bias

Barack Obama received free passes in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential races as the media was primarily interested in highlighting the historic nature of Obama's campaign. While Sarah Palin was heavily criticized by the media as lacking the experience to be Vice-President, the question was never a major issue with the decidedly less-experienced Obama. In 2012, the media turned every statement by Mitt Romney (dogs on vacation!) into stories that lasted weeks, while at the same time refusing to cover the Fast and Furious scandal or the Benghazi attacks with seriousness. And CNN's Candy Crowley infamously interrupted a debate exchange between Romney and Obama by debating Romney herself on Benghazi. (She was wrong, but the ramifications were huge.)

While VP Joe Biden could barely take the stage without making a hysterical gaffe during his tenure, his sanity or competence was never questioned in the way that Dan Quayle's was for once adding an "e" at the end of "potato" during a spelling bee. That the card was given to Quayle by the school with the incorrect spelling and that Quayle had questioned the spelling on the card is the part of the story the media always enjoys ignoring.

While Democrats regularly get softball question and answer sessions from "serious" journalists, conservatives are usually left answering absurd questions based on absurd assumptions. When a deranged gunman shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords of Arizona, the media had absolutely no problem claiming Sarah Palin was to blame because she once had a map on her website that had used a "target" on it to imply that it was going to be a competitive congressional race.

Unbiased, Fair and Objective

The problem with media bias is that the journalist and media personalities are claiming to be unbiased, fair, and objective but typically end up delivering one-sided viewpoints disguised as fact. Many Americans will not look deeper into every issue presented by the media, instead of taking the stories at face value. Any information that might dispel the media bias myths has to be actively sought.

Pronunciation: me-di-a bīəs

Also Known As: Mainstream Media; Lamestream media (Sarah Palin); Dinosaur Media (Laura Ingraham)

Alternate Spellings: none

Common Misspellings: none


"In a free country, people depend on the media for their information about government and other powerful institutions. If the press sounds the alarm about some danger, people have to pay attention. But if they have lost confidence in the press - because of its biases - then there's a good chance we'll ignore the warning. And that could be dangerous." - Bernard Goldberg on Media Bias

"'60 Minutes' used to be synonymous with 'gotcha,' and it certainly was when it broke the Abu Ghraib story to hurt Bush in 2004, and when Dan Rather flaunted fake Texas Air National Guard documents to hurt Bush months later. In the 2008 election cycle, “60 Minutes” asked John McCain why he would 'let the Wall Street executives sail away on their yachts and leave this bailout on the American taxpayer?' They hammered Romney about avoiding military service - and his five sons avoiding military service. Kroft has never asked Obama about his failure to serve in the military, and he certainly never asked about whether he had premarital sex with his wife - which Mike Wallace threw at Romney." - Brent Bozell

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