Prepositions of Place and Movement

Prepositions of Place and Movement

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Use 'in' with static (non-movement) verbs and cities, countries, states, etc.:

  • stay in the USA
  • work in New York


Use 'at' with static (non-movement) verbs and places:

  • at the cinema
  • at work
  • at home


Use 'to' with verbs of movement such as go, come, drive, etc.:

  • go to work
  • drive to California


The use of"(nothing)

  • With verbs of movement and the noun 'home' - He went home. - they drove home.
  • With the verb 'visit' - She visited France last summer.

Test Your Understanding

Now that you have studied the use of in / at / to / nothing - as prepositions of place and movement, try the follow-up quiz to test your understanding.

Prepositions of Place and Movement Quiz

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