English for Medical Purposes - Troubling Symptoms

English for Medical Purposes - Troubling Symptoms

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Some Troubling Symptoms

Patient: Good afternoon.

Doctor: Good afternoon. Have a seat. So, what have you come in for today?
Patient: Thank you. I'm feeling ill, I've got quite a bad cough, but I don't seem to have a fever.

Doctor: I see. How long have you had these symptoms?
Patient: Oh, I've had the cough for two weeks, but feeling ill just these past few days.

Doctor: Are you having any other problems?
Patient: Well, I've got a headache. I've also had a little bit of diarrhea.

Doctor: Do you produce any phlegm when coughing?
Patient: Sometimes, but it's usually pretty dry.

Doctor: Do you smoke?
Patient: Yes, a few cigarettes a day. Certainly no more than a half a pack a day.

Doctor: How about allergies? Do you have any allergies?
Patient: Not that I'm aware of.

Doctor: Does your head feel stuffy?
Patient: Yes, for the past few days.

Doctor: OK. Now let's have a look. Could you please open your mouth and say 'ah'?

Key Vocabulary

to feel ill
to have a cough
to cough
to feel stuffy

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