How Your Christmas Forecast Foretells of Weather to Come In the New Year

How Your Christmas Forecast Foretells of Weather to Come In the New Year

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Weather lore exists for nearly every season and every type of weather, but many of the most well-known sayings have to do with winter weather.

Besides hoping for a White Christmas, there's another reason you'll want to keep a watchful eye on your Christmas Day forecast. According to weather folklore, the weather on Christmas foretells the weather for the remaining winter and upcoming year.

Based on the below sayings, what does your Christmas Day weather suggest?

Stormy Christmas Weather

- If there's thunder during Christmas week,
The Winter will be anything but meek.

- If windy on Christmas, trees will bring much fruit.

- If it rain much during the twelve days after Christmas Day it will be a wet year.

A Mild Christmas Means Cold Will Come

- A green (warm) Christmas, a white (cold) Easter.

- So far as the sun shines on Christmas Day,
So far will the snow blow in May.

- If the ice will bear a goose before Christmas, it will not bear a duck after.

- If Christmas day be bright and clear, there'll be two winters in the year…

The below proverbs could be used to forecast whether or not you'll see a White Christmas based on the weather at "Hollantide" -- a Cornish feast traditionally celebrated at the end of October/first of November which marked the eve of winter.

- If ducks do slide at Hollantide,
At Christmas they will swim.
If ducks do swim at Hollantide,
At Christmas they will slide.

- If Candlemas day be dry and fair,
The half of the winter is gone and mair.
If Candlemas day be wet and foul,
The half of the winter is gone at Yule (Christmas).

The following sayings have less to do with the weather on Christmas and more to do with what calendar day Christmas falls on:

- If Christmas Day on Thursday be,
A windy winter ye shall see.

- It will be the same weather for nine weeks as it is on the ninth day after Christmas.

- The nearer the New Moon to Christmas Day, the harder the Winter.

Christmas Lore: Where Does It Come From?

Why are these particular Christmas weather scenarios linked to these weather occurrences?

Long before there was such a thing as meteorologists or tools like barometers or thermometers, farmers, seafarers, and others whose daily work was tied to the weather had nothing to clue them in on what the day's weather would bring. To remedy this, people began observing how animals, plants, insects, and even they themselves behaved just before certain weather events. After years and years of noticing these patterns, folks began expecting certain weather based on whether or not they observed these certain events in nature. They then created rhymes (like those above) to make the connections easily remembered and shared.

How many of the above pieces of lore have you heard before?

Have you known any of them to ring true where you live?

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