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Hofstra University

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Hofstra University is a private, co-educational institution located in Hempstead, New York on Long Island.Founded in 1935 as a part of New York University, it became an independent school - Hofstra College – and later, a university, in 1963.The Hofstra University campus - spaning over 240 acres - is currently home to more than 4,000 resident students and has an overall enrollment above 8,000.Hofstra University has been named after Mr. Hofstra, whose estate eventually became the home for the university.When Kate Mason Hofstra died in 1933, she left behind a lengthy will specifying the eventual fate of each of her possessions and among them, the estate was to be used to create a memorial to her husband.Eventually, as a fitting tribute to Mr. Hofstra, an educational institution- Hofstra University - was conceived on the site.It might have been the Hofstras vision - a university bearing their name. Their opulent home – the Netherlands – is now the centerpiece of the university, and through the campus and its students, their family name continues to live on.Hofstra University offers about 130 undergraduate and 140 graduate programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Communication, Education and Allied Human Services, and Honors studies, as well as a School of Law.The university supplements its academic diversity with state-of-the-art classrooms, excellent library resources with extensive online and print collections, learning and laboratory facilities, and broadband access to the Internet.Its location on Long Island ensures that the students are never far from the academic, cultural, and career opportunities in New York.On the extra-curricular front, the Hofstra University campus is world renowned for its annual Shakespeare plays. The campus, in fact, has been hosting them for more than half a century.The university also boasts an arboretum – one of only 400-odd in U.S. – and a two-acre bird sanctuary, and has been the operator of Long Island's oldest public radio station, since 1959.

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