Log book for Lt D.W. Gay - 21 March-4 April 1944

Log book for Lt D.W. Gay - 21 March-4 April 1944

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Log book for Lt D.W. Gay - 21 March-4 April 1944

This page from Lt. Gay's Log Book covers his flying experiences from 21 March to 4 April 1944. In this period he flew ten times, and for the first time more of his flying time was at night than at day. His day flighting was made up of two bombing training flights in the Airspeed Oxford and two navigation training flights in the Avro Anson, while the remaining six flights were all night flights in the Anson. Of these six missions, one had to be abandoned because of engine troup and another because the wireless went unservicable. Three of the other night flights also included the dropping of a single bomb.

Many thanks to Martin Hampton, the son in law of Lt. Gay, for sending us this material.

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