The American Vision: Chapter 5, Industrialization

The American Vision: Chapter 5, Industrialization

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  1. Section 1: The Rise of Industry
    • The United States Industrializes
      • Gross National Product
      • Natural Resources
        • Pennsylvania Oil Discoveries
        • Kerosene
      • A Large Workforce
        • Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
    • New Inventions
      • Bell and the Telephone
        • Alexander Graham Bell
        • Bell Telephone System
      • Edison, Westinghouse, and Electricity
        • Thomas Edison
        • George Westinghouse
        • Nikola Tesla
        • Electric Lighting
      • Technology`s Impact
        • Developments in Textiles
        • Telegraph
    • Free Enterprise
      • Laissez-Faire
      • Morrill Tariff
  2. Section 2: The Railroads
    • Linking the Nation
      • The Transcontinental Railroad
        • The Union Pacific
        • The Central Pacific
        • The Last Spike
      • Railroads Spur Growth
        • Cornelius Vanderbilt
      • Robber Barons
        • Jay Gould
        • Credit Mobilier Scandal
        • Great Northern Railroad
          • James J. Hill
  3. Section 3: Big Business
    • The Rise of Big Business
    • Consolidating Industry
      • Andrew Carnegie and Steel
      • John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil
      • New Business Organizations
        • Trusts
        • Holding Company
        • J.P. Morgan
      • Selling the Product
        • Montgomery Ward
        • Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  4. Section 4: Unions
    • Working in the United States
      • Early Unions
        • Trade Unions
        • Anarchists
    • Struggling to Organize
      • Railroad Strike of 1877
      • Knights of Labor
      • The Homestead Strike
      • The Pullman Strike
    • New Unions Emerge
      • The Rise of the American Federation of Labor
      • The IWW
      • Working Women

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