How much of the Jonestown money actually got given to the USSR?

How much of the Jonestown money actually got given to the USSR?

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So, I was reading the Wikipedia page on the Jonestown massacre, and I noticed that several members of the People's Temple (including their leadership) willed all of their money to the Communist Party of the USSR. It doesn't mention whether it actually arrived there, though, or if it was instead given to surviving family members of the cult members, like inheritances usually are.

As a result, I was wondering how much, if any, of the money of the cult and its members got given to the Communist Party - and whether or not the USSR Communist Party made any public statements about the matter.

It would appear no money was paid out to the communist party, but it wasn't directly paid the the individuals heirs either.

Any funds associated with the Peoples Temple cult were located in a lengthy search, then court proceedings established payment rates to cover the massive amount of claims made against this group. An extensive discussion of the process of finding the monies and the distribution in the aftermath can be found in chapter 13 of the 1985 book A Sympathetic History of Jonestown: The Moore Family Involvement in the Peoples Temple by Rebecca Moore.

This mentions that there were over $14.7 million dollars in claims, but the heirs did receive the largest portion of the payouts (emphasis mine):

The airstrip claimants, whose involvement was accidental, received the largest settlements. Jackie Speier got $360,000; the five Ryan children, $135,000, or $27,000 each. The largest total amount of money, however, $7.9 million, went to relatives of the victims.

So the heirs of any individuals did get inheritance of a sort, but it was split among them on a payment basis:

… estimated the payments at $328 per year, based on the life expectancy of the deceased.

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