Eclipse second class cruisers

Eclipse second class cruisers

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Eclipse second class cruisers

The Eclipse class second class cruisers were built after the previous Astraea class ships were criticized for their light armament. While they only carried one extra main gun, the proportion of 6in guns was increased from two in ten on the Astraea class to five in eleven on the Eclipses. This was achieved by adding a second 6in gun on the quarterdeck and replacing the forward 4.7in guns on the side with a 6in gun.

This was not a great improvement, especially for ships that were 33 feet longer and over 1,000 tons heavier than their predecissors, and in 1903-195 all eleven guns were replaced by a uniform armament of more modern 6in guns. The mistake would be repeated on the Arrogant class, initially armed with four 6in and six 4.7in and rearmed with 6in guns in the same period.

By the start of the First World War HMS Dido had been converted to serve as a depot ship, supporting a number of destroyer flotillas at Harwich. HMSs Diana, Eclipse and Talbot formed part of the 12th Cruiser Squadron (or Cruiser Force “G”), serving in the western approaches to the English Channel. They also helped to escort the first Canadian troop convoy across the Atlantic. HMSs Doris, Isis, Juno, Minerva and Venus served with the 11th Cruiser Squadron, based in Ireland and operation to the west of Ireland to protect the trade routes. This concentration lasted until 1915, when the seven active members of the class were dispersed to a variety of overseas stations.

Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed


Armour – deck


- gunshields


- engine hatch


- conning tower




Armaments as built

Five 6in quick firing guns
Six 4.7in quick firing guns
Six 3pdr quick firing guns
Two machine guns
Three 18in torpedo tubes

Armament after 1905

Eleven 6in guns
Three 12pdr guns
Three 18in torpedo tubes

Crew complement






Ships in class in 1914

HMS Diana
HMS Doris
HMS Eclipse
HMS Isis
HMS Juno
HMS Minerva
HMS Talbot
HMS Venus

Books on the First World War |Subject Index: First World War

Arc Hammer

The Arc Hammer was an Imperial spacefaring production facility used to supplement the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps with dark troopers, a new generation of battle droid stormtroopers to be used in the Galactic Civil War against the Rebel Alliance. ΐ]

Scenic Eclipse 2 Wiki

The Malta-flagged vessel Scenic Eclipse II (IMO number 9850460) was designed with the latest technological advancements in order to ensure the highest safety standards. It has custom-built fin stabilizers (50% bigger than on other vessels with similar GT tonnage) and an ice-strengthened hull.

The yacht's state-of-the-art fins are able to adjust themselves, enabling the boat to handle the strongest water currents and to remain stable. Unlike other ships that use traditional anchors, Scenic's mega-yachts are fitted with a dynamic positioning system. It uses GPS data to accurately maintain the ship's position - an eco-friendly way to control the vessel. The other environmentally sustainable systems implemented are efficient marine engines and advanced water treatment system.

The ship's integrated navigation and automation/control system was provided by the company Kongsberg Maritime. This modern technology combines the following systems - Navigation, Dynamic Positioning, automation, Emergency Shutdown, Power Management, Safety Management, and Control. The system is integrated with online diagnostics and remote service facilities.

Both vessels operated by Scenic Yacht Cruises are owned by Scenic Group and Croatia-built - Eclipse 1 in Pula (Uljanik Shipyard), Eclipse 2 in Rijeka (3 Maj Shipyard). Eclipse 2 yacht's construction officially started on April 24, 2020, with the steel-cutting ceremony held at Rijeka's 3 Maj Shipyard (Treci Maj Brodogradiliste).

With Eclipse 2, Scenic Group established a new fully-owned subsidiary company (MKM Yachts) that manages newbuilds' construction. In late-April 2020 Scenic Group also announced plans to build in Croatia 5x new superyachts in the next 6 years. For these shipbuilding projects was dedicated a separate section at Rijeka's Maj 3 Shipyard. In early-July 2020, MKM Yachts was granted a sub-concession at Rijeka's shipyard. This way, the company became the prime contractor for all Scenic Group's newbuilds.

The following YouTube video is a timelapse of the Scenic yachts construction process.

In August 2020, Scenic Group (shipowner) contracted Viking Crew (part of the Dover UK-based Viking Maritime Group Ltd) as the vessel's crew managing company. Viking Crew is responsible for the Scenic Eclipse 2 yacht's crew recruitment, management, deployment and placement, including officers and staff-crew from the onboard Engine, Hotel and Deck departments. Viking Crew was also contracted for the crew management of the superyachts Scenic Eclipse 1 (2019) and Emerald Azzurra (2021).

The vessel's construction officially started with the keel-laying ceremony held on May 12, 2021, at Rijeka's Maj 3 Shipyard. The special event was attended by Glen Moroney (Scenic Group's owner), Andrej Plenkovic (Croatia's Prime Minister), Tomislav Coric (Croatia's Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development) and Oleg Butkovic (Croatia's Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure).

The superyacht is currently planned for delivery and inauguration in 2023-Q1.

Tactics[10]Edit [ edit | edit source ]

[11]Consortium forces above Kuat.Added by Unit 8311The Zann Consortium used its extensive crime network to influence the warring factions during the Galactic Civil War, siphon their credits, and sabotage their operations when necessary. It dealt in multiple illegal operations, such as establishing widespread racketeering jobs on many worlds bribery, piracy, slavery, and corrupting local militia on planets, as well as intimidating or kidnapping individuals who defied the Consortium. One particular means of income was offering military protection to planets that wanted no part in the on-going Galactic Civil War. They also extorted money from miners. The Consortium also constructed Palaces on various worlds which served as its financial centers.

With access to the black market, Zann had several unique technologies at his disposal, including buzz droids and stealth generators that allowed undetected movement across the Galaxy. The Zann Consortium also hired bounty hunters such as Bossk and IG-88 to eliminate certain targets in order to further their influence.

Eclipse second class cruisers - History

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Metroid Dread - Development History

We don't talk about Other M here

Refresh my memory, where does Other M fit in? I finally played it a year ago (got stuck at the FPS portion initially and thought my game bugged out. put it down for years). Beautiful game that got a lot of hate.

What game have you come to peace with never being able to own?

Out of print before I even knew about it. No indication I've seen of ever getting a reprint.

Biking in ABQ

I bike to work a bit and my general rule is to stay off any major (more than 2-lane) street and simply go through residential districts. You can get to UNM from Martineztown relatively safely by taking MLK up the hill.

UNM to the SE heights is trickier, but there are some bike paths that will take you East. Take Yale north from campus and get on the path that skirts the North golf course. Cross Indian School and continue until you go under I-40. As you come out there will be a fork and you can take a bike path due East for a bit (though you will have to worry about crossing some major streets eventually. If you want to stay further South, I mirror the recommendation for Silver, or you can try Trumbull or Kathryn as well.

Stay away from any major street such as (E/W) Mountain, Menaul, Lomas, Central, Lead/Coal, and Gibson, as well as (N/S) Edith, Broadway, University, Carlisle, San Mateo, San Pedro, Louisiana, Wyoming, Eubank, Juan Tabo, and Tramway (take the paths).

Java EE Development with Eclipse, 2nd Edition

Java EE is a technology for developing enterprise class, scalable applications. With recent changes to Java EE specifications, JEE application development has become a lot simpler. However, recent changes have also added many new specifications, some of which compete with existing JEE specification. Along with JEE specifications and APIs, it is also very important to understand the entire application development process and tools that can help simplify and accelerate JEE application development.

This guide provides a complete overview of developing JEE applications using Eclipse. The many features of the Eclipse IDE are explained. These enable the rapid development, debugging, testing, and deployment of JEE applications. You’ll explore not just different JEE technologies and how to use them (JSP, JSF, JPA, JDBC, EJB, web services etc.), but also suitable technologies for different scenarios.

The book starts with how to set up the development environment for JEE applications and then goes on to describe many JEE specifications in detail, with an emphasis on examples. You’ll learn how to deploy an example application on Tomcat and Glassfish Application Server.

You’ll create a simple application that reads from a queue, processes the request, and publishes results to a topic and Eclipse MAT (Memory Analysis Tool) to debug memory issues.

If you are a Java developer who has little or no experience in JEE application development or you have experience in JEE technology but are looking for tips to simplify and accelerate your development process, then this book is for you.

How to Set up and Run Your Gatling Tests with Eclipse

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In one of our previous articles we went over the required steps to setup your own Gatling test's implementation environment. We used an IDEA IDE development environment as the main target example of the tool to be used as an environment for test creation. At the same time, there is another IDE that is widely used by many developers who create performance tests using the Gatling framework—Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse has a much longer history than IDEA and many people use it and love it. If you haven't used any of these tools, you shouldn't find any big differences between them if you just need them for Gatling tests implementation. Personally, I prefer using IDEA in all cases just because it perfectly fits my daily needs (for example, my favorite programming language is Kotlin which has a much better integration with IDEA rather than with Eclipse). But I truly respect the opinion of other developers who prefer using Eclipse. I strongly believe that you should choose tools that you are comfortable to work with, if you have such an option.

Gatling is based on the Scala programming language and you need to use Scala to write tests. However, Eclipse doesn't have built-in Scala support and sometimes even experienced programmers have trouble running Gatling tests using their favorite Eclipse IDE. That's why I thought that a step by step tutorial will be useful for those who might experience the same troubles in future. In this article we are going to cover all the steps required to use the Eclipse IDE as your main development tool for Gatling tests' implementation and execution: setting up, configuration and running the tests.

First, in order to use the Scala programming language in Eclipse, you need to install a separate plugin called "Scala IDE". You can find it in the 'Eclipse Marketplace', which makes its installation pretty easy. To open the 'Eclipse Marketplace' just open the Eclipse application and go to 'Help -> Eclipse Marketplace':

In the 'Eclipse Marketplace' you can use the 'Find' field to find all the Scala related plugins. We are looking for the one that starts with "Scala IDE":

If you haven't installed this plugin before then you should see the 'Install' button on the right. Just click and proceed with couple of trivial installation steps. You can use the default selection for all the windows that you will get during the installation process.

After you go over the installation steps, Eclipse will take some time to finish the installation in background mode. You can track the progress in the bottom right corner:

After installation is complete, in order to be 100% sure that the plugin is installed, you can open the marketplace again and recheck the 'Scala IDE' row. Now it should have an inactive 'Installed' button instead of the active 'Install' we had before:

Next, you need to take a configured Maven test project with the Gatling framework and some tests, or you can use the one we have created for testing purposes in this blog post.

Let's import the project into Eclipse IDE by clicking on 'File -> Import':

After a couple of popups where you just need to accept the default configuration, we will get such an error notification:

It might look confusing but you don't need to worry at this point. You can not do anything with this error during the project import but you can easily fix it right afterwards.

As soon as the import is complete, you will get tons of errors in all Scala classes, which are related to the error that we got during the project import:

By default, the Eclipse IDE environment treats your project like a Java project that produces a ton of errors because there is Scala instead of Java. As we mentioned before, the fix is pretty easy. All you need is to click on the project root directory and execute 'Configure -> Add Scala Nature', which will enforce your Eclipse IDE to treat this project as Scala based:

Right after this action you should get rid of tons of the errors and all the Scala files should be error free from this moment.

But at the same time, you might get other errors, for example this one that says:

"More than one scala library found in the build path:/Applications/, /Users/ybushnev/.m2/repository/org/scala-lang/scala-library/2.11.7/scala-library-2.11.7.jar). At least one has an incompatible version. Please update the project build path so it contains only one compatible scala library"

Ideally, if you see an error inside your project, you should deal with it right away. Even if the error doesn't produce a negative impact and you still can run your tests without visible issues, you need to take care of all the errors first, as they might produce some unexpected results.

The issue above states there is a difference between the Scala library that is used for the framework and the one that is used as default in the Scala plugin. Each new version of the Scala plugin uses new versions of the Scala library. That's why if you want to update your Eclipse IDE as soon as there are some new updates, you need to update the Scala library in your pom.xml (which is responsible for project dependencies) appropriately. To fix this issue, first, you need to update the Scala version to the latest one that is used in the Scala (you can find the exact version from the error message you got inside Eclipse):

Second, you need to update Maven to apply configuration changes. For this just click on the project root folder and go to 'Maven -> Update Project':

Right after this we will find that the issue is gone! But right after this fix you might still get an additional issue that will hit you right after you fix the previous one:

This is a pretty common Maven issue that is related to outdated application structure conventions that are not relevant anymore, but Eclipse still catches this as a real issue (you will not get the same errors if you go with IDEA). But the good news is that the fix is also very simple. Just click on the root of the project and execute 'Java EE Tools -> Generate Deployment Descriptor Stub':

Right after we have executed this action and updated maven by executing 'Maven -> Update Project. ' (we already did this some time ago so now you just need to do it again) then you should see a complete error-free Eclipse project:

At this point you are ready to use your Eclipse for tests implementation and execution. To run the tests execution just click on 'Engine.scala' class which you will find inside the 'test/scala' folder and execute 'Run As -> Scala Application':

Right after this, in the IDE console that appears, you will be asked about which tests you want to run and right after that you should see the tests execution in progress:

That's it! We just installed all the required prerequisites, fixed a couple of trivial issues and we are ready to use the Eclipse IDE as the ultimate tool for Gatling test's creation. I hope this article was useful for those Eclipse lovers who did or will struggle with the configuration of Eclipse IDE for Gatling performance testing needs.

You can also run your Gatling load test in BlazeMeter, and enjoy cloud scaling and advanced reporting. Try us out by putting your URL in the box below. Or, request a demo.

Published at DZone with permission of Yuri Bushnev , DZone MVB . See the original article here.

Recent low precipitation thunderstorms have sparked 13 new large wildfires in the northwestern United States.

Forty-seven active large fires are currently burning more than 338,000 acres across California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Only five of these are classified as contained, while dozens more smaller fires have engulfed a further 656,000 acres across the region. Thousands of homes in the nine affected states have been evacuated.

Cities close to the fires, such as Helena, Montana, have issued warnings that children and the elderly, along with those with respiratory problems, heart or lung diseases and smokers should limit their exertion and time spent outdoors. In addition, many of the states impacted have issued bans on small human-made fires such as campfires in order to reduce the probability of even more wildfires cropping up.

As a result of the large number of new fires, the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) raised the National Fire Preparedness Level (PL) to its highest level, PL-5, last Thursday. This signals a high level of wildfire activity, the high risk of even more emerging and the necessity of committing major firefighting resources. There are currently 152 helicopters, 744 fire engines and 15,768 personnel drawn from the local, state, tribal and federal levels deployed to combat the fires.

The last time the wildfire situation in the US was so critical was in 2015, from August 13 to September 6. Then, the NIFC was forced to call in assets from the US military to help in fire suppression, as well as call for international aid from Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Currently, only the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve have been asked to supply extra equipment and personnel, though that could change if the fires continue to spread.

To date, there have been more than 41,500 individual wildfires across the US this year, burning down more than 6.2 million acres of land, nearly 50 percent more than the average over the past 10 years. An article last year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that this trend will only continue to get worse. The report found that human-caused climate change has become the primary factor in increased forest fire activity, nearly doubling the expected amount of fires from 1984 to 2015. Climate change has also caused fire seasons to be an average of 78 days longer than they were in 1970.

This problem has been compounded by the stagnant budget of the US Forest Service, which has hovered around $5.8 billion annually since 2008. Unlike other natural disasters, funding for fighting wildfires is based on a 10-year rolling average, meaning that the costs are based on the past 10 years to predict the costs for the next year. However, this does not account for inflation or the increasing number of wildfires occurring, meaning that each year the probability that a large fire cannot be contained increases.

These issues were detailed in a 2015 report from the agency showing the increasing difficulty it faces in combating wildfires. Due to the increased frequency and severity of fires and the lack of extra funding, it has been forced to increase the amount of its budget dedicated to fire suppression from 16 percent in 1995 to 52 percent in 2015. There has been a corresponding 39 percent decrease in all non-fire personnel and thus a massive drop in programs designed to prevent future wildfires such as forest restoration. The Forest Service has been forced to fight current fires by stealing from its ability to prevent future fires.

In line with his scorched-earth policy towards social programs, President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2017-18 includes a $300 million cut to the Forest Service’s wildfire fighting services and $50 million from its wildfire prevention efforts. These come on top of a general 23 percent reduction of federal funding for volunteer fire departments around the country. While there are, as yet, no predictions on how this will impact the Forest Service’s ability to fight wildfires next year, there is little doubt that it will raise even further the potential for an uncontained wildfire.

While the current wildfires have not proven themselves to be direct threats to human life, fire officials are concerned that this could soon be the case. As the peak fire season continues, there are estimates of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people temporarily migrating to Oregon and Idaho, two of the states with the most fires, to view the August 21 total solar eclipse. Half of the eclipse’s path of totality, which stretches from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, travels through areas that are at a high risk of catching on fire.

The danger is two-fold. First, such a large concentration of people means that there is a higher chance of a spark from a stray cigarette or the heat from a tailpipe igniting the dry brush that is often next to state and federal highways, especially as people pull over and stop to view the eclipse. Second, given the increase in traffic, it will be harder for emergency crews to stop the fires and harder for tourists to escape. Officials in small towns are particularly worried about their ability to get to and fight any fires that start while people are traveling to, from or watching the eclipse.

There are already numerous roads, trails, trailheads and campgrounds closed as a result of ongoing fires that are likely to stay closed through August 21. The Whitewater Fire, for example, has forced the Forest Service to close 117,000 acres of roads, trails and wilderness surrounding Mount Jefferson. At least tens of thousands of people were expected to visit the area, which falls right in the middle of the eclipse’s path of totality.

The First Exclusive Monarch Preview Card – Eclipse

Today we get our first look at a wild new preview card from Monarch, the eagerly-anticipated next Flesh and Blood set. It’s more of a mystery than a reveal, which you’ll see in a second. Feast your eyes on Eclipse!

Okay, there’s a lot going on here. First of all, this shows us that we’ve got a new hero coming – Chane. I’m excited to find out what Chane does, especially since you have to be Chane to play Eclipse.

Second, this introduces “blood debt,” which is presumably a class of card (likely specific to whatever type of hero Chane is). Since you need to have played a massive six blood debt cards to play Eclipse, we can make a couple guesses: blood debt cards are often cheap to play, and Eclipse is exceedingly powerful.

Lastly, what this does is make Ursur, the Soul Reaper. That’s also a mystery, but I’d bet that it’s a massive weapon, and one that’s way more powerful than something you’d have access to normally.

We’ll soon find answers to all these questions, and Eclipse gives us a lot to think about. Check back soon for more new preview cards from Monarch, as I bet the set is going to be a sweet one!

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The steering at 5-8 knots is like I am chasing to keep the boat straight with the motor fully down. The boat steering is fine at faster speeds and no problems. Is this normal or any ideas to fix this issue?

We purchased a 2016 Crownline, one prior owner boat with

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I have a 2019 e235 xs that the rear storage hatch (where the i/o motor would be) that refuses to open. While the boat is still under warranty my dealer is located over an hour away and would require me pulling the boat, getting it serviced and relaunching. I was hoping for some hints or a tip to get the hatch cover to open - but the factory has no customer service whatsoever (try to find their phone number). I sent an email request a week ago that went without reply. The dealer has no interest in providing assistance over the phone as they can't bill me for it. Had I known of this utter lack of after sale support I would have never purchased a Crownline.

I bought my First Crownline, a used 20 footer.. Very nice condition and good quality boat. I have not taken the boat out yet.. Anyway, the boat came with I assume a factory installed WakeBoard Tower.. I called Crownline to ask how to lower the tower. The lady IMMEDIATELY connected me to a recording with the irritating spill about, "Thank you for Calling Crownline," with a basically a ** and, "Call your Dealer!" The Closest Dealer has no clue about the 'WAKEAIR" VELOCITY TOWER". The company is supposedly "Roswell".. They said they did not make the tower.. Called Crownline Back. Same ** put me right back to the recording that says, "Call Your Dealer". SERVICE TODAY SUCKS!!

I have a 2019 XS255. Love the boat. Bench seat on the front corner had what looked like a burn mark from a curling iron. Boat only two months old. Contacted the dealer and another one was put on, not two months later same thing, same spot! No other issues anywhere on the boat. Mind boggling. This is an entire new bench pad seat that was put on. Contacted dealer and will see where it goes now.

In 2015, I bought a Crownline E4 from a dealership that is no longer selling Crownlines. I do however boat on Lake Winnisquam that is home to the largest Crownline dealer in New England, Winnisquam Marine. My boat broke down in the middle of the lake (less than 200 hours) and needed to be towed in to a friend's dock that was 100 yards from Winnisquam Marine. The boat has a problem with the outdrive so it was dead in the water. I called them to help me get the boat out of the water and the problem assessed. They told me that because I did not buy the boat from them they didn't have time to look at the boat and wanted to charge me $150 to use their ramp. I had to tow the boat 3 miles (vs. 100 yards) to the public ramp to get the boat to someone who was willing to help. Winnisquam Marine did not care that I was a loyal Crownline customer (2nd Boat) because I didn't spend money with them.

I am an experienced boat owner and have recently been looking to upgrade boats to a bigger, nicer boat. I had found a really nice used Crownline that did not have a trailer with it. In lining up a trailer to go along with the boat I was about to purchase, I called Crownline's phone number (no 800 # -- you can call 618-937-6426) to speak with a customer service rep to get the transom to bow eye measurement to properly size the trailer. The lady that answered the phone basically did not want to take my call, and referred me to a trailer manufacturer 'in a nearby town' to get the correct sizing.

Frustrated, I asked the young lady what the process is in the event that I have a problem with the boat after purchase -- or even just a question in general about the boat. She said they do not handle any customer calls or questions, and I would have to go to one of their dealers with my problem or question. I think that settles the debate between whether I want a Crownline or a Sea Ray. Sorry Crownline.

We bought a brand new 2016 Crownline 195 SS off the showroom floor to create memories with our family and enjoy the summer months. Our boat has been in the shop a minimum of 2 times each summer since we've purchased it due to flooding. The boat is fuel injected, therefore flooding doesn't make sense. Turns out there was a mechanical error with the computer, yet Crownline refuses to reach back out to the shop or/and us. It's disappointing that you remain a loyal customer to a huge company that refuses to fix the issues.

I bought a 2015 Crownline 264 CR boat from Wilson Marine in Harrison Township Michigan. I have had many small issues warranty issues with it. It is always a fight with the dealer to do warranty work and Crownline will not properly respond to me. Now the last issue is with the bimini and Crownline states that my boat has been in some form of accident. It has not and I am willing to show them the boat but they don't want to see it because this is just a story made up to prevent them from doing warranty repair. The bimini is bent at the ends and nowhere else.

First Crownline said that someone was hanging on it. But when I tell the dealer that if that is the case the whole thing would be bent not just the ends. Then they come up with the current story of some sort of accident. Really? So now I have to either pay money to fix it or hire an attorney. Did I mention this boat is 2 and a half years old, I bought it brand new for the warranty, and it cost $88,500. So I highly recommend that no one buy a boat from this company because they will make up any excuse not to do warranty work on your boat.

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